14 May 2023

Ekoï Challenge Mixed Relay

What we like about the Challenge Fréjus is the mix of genres, the accessible aspect, with professionals rubbing shoulders with amateurs – in what other sport can you take part in a race alongside champions, multi-medalists or Olympic winners?

The Amslf Triathlon and the city of Fréjus and Challenge Family, join forces to prepare a fantastic event on the French Riviera.

Following the success of the Mixed Relay in 2022, the organisation is relaunching this mixed event in 2023

How does it work?
Team of 4 licensed or non-licensed triathletes
1 woman – 1 man – 1 woman – 1 man
Each triathlete does their triathlon in XS format and passes the baton to their relay runner after the run

Conviviality and sharing guaranteed!

Caution: Competition pass required! More information


250 m


3 km


1,4 km

Why you should participate

A natural and protected playground, the nature base is a tailor-made spot to experience an exceptional sport event

A true festival of triathlon open to all: from kids to beginners, including the best international elite D1

A swim in the Mediterranean Sea in crystal clear water, with your feet in the fine sand, you will love the festive atmosphere of the mass start under the sound of the DJ of the Frejus Challenge: adrenaline guaranteed

The hinterland of Var will delight you on the cycling part, an exceptional relief mixing flat parts in the sea, the magnificent Bougnon pass, you will cross the fields of vineyards of the best wines of the south of France, what to feast your eyes …

To conclude, you will run in the nature base in a natural and protected site, very playful course and 100% flat and technical.

Watch the FFTRI teaser of the GRAND PRIX DE TRIATHLON

About the race location

Challenge Fréjus puts its bags on the Francois Leotard Nature base, a real green lung of the Côte d’Azur with its public beach open all year round.
A 1.5 km long beach of fine sand, bordered by a promenade lined with palm trees or overhung by a path.
The François Léotard nature base is a 135-hectare space of freedom on the seafront.
85 hectares are protected natural areas for outdoor enthusiasts, the rest being used for sports and leisure activities.
Fréjus is a French town located in the Var department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.

Address of the venue of the Frejus Challenge
Base Nature François Léotard,
1196 Boulevard de la Mer, 83600 Fréjus


Saturday 13 May 2023

Time Activity Location
7:00 Kids / S / M / L / RM Opening and Welcome Bag Recovery + Chip Exhibitors village
8:30 Departure Challenge Kids 6-9 years Plage base nature Francois Léotard
9:00 Departure Challenge Kids 10-11 years Plage base nature Francois Léotard
10:00 Departure Youth Challenge 12-15 years Plage base nature Francois Léotard
9:00 Opening village exhibitors Exhibitors village
11:00 Podium challenge Kids and Youth Exhibitors village
13:00 Departure Grand Prix D1 women fftri (registration on the FFTRI website) Beach base nature Francois Léotard
16:00 Departure Grand Prix D1 men fftri (registration on the FFTRI website) Beach base nature Francois Léotard
16:30 Opening and entry of bicycles Parc S Parc (S) Distance
17:00 GP FFTRI Podium Exhibitors village
17:30 Closure of the bike park S Parc (S) Distance
17:45 Briefing Challenge Distance S Beach base nature Francois Léotard
18:00 Challenge S Departure Beach base nature Francois Léotard
20:00 Podium S Exhibitors village
20:00 Closing village exhibitors and closing bib and welcome bag


No bibs will be given on Sunday 14 May morning

Sunday 14 May 2023

Time Activity Localition
5:30-6:30 Entry of bikes Park Middle Distance (L) Middle Distance Parc (L)
6:50 Briefing Challenge Middle Distance (L) Beach base nature Francois Léotard
7:00 Départ Challenge Middle distance (L) Beach base nature Francois Léotard
7:30-8:30 Entry of Bicycles Park Olympic Distance (M) Middle Distance Parc (M)
8:50 Briefing Challenge Olympic Distance (M) Beach base nature Francois Léotard
9:00 Departure Challenge Olympic (M) Beach base nature Francois Léotard
9:00 Opening village exhibitors Exhibitors village
13:00 Podium Olympic Distance Exhibitors village
15:00 Podium Middle Distance Exhibitors village
15:30 Bike opening and entry Bike park Relay Mixed Distance Relais Mixte Parc
17:00 Departure Challenge Relais Mixte 2 Women/2 Men format XS Distance Relais Mixte Parc
18:30 Podium Relais Mixte Exhibitors village
19:00 Closure of exhibitor village


Zone 3
Frejus City
AMSL Fréjus
Ekoï Grand Prix Partner
Domaine de la Bergerie & Le Jas du Pébrier